• Wrapping Up 2014 In Gratitude

    Wrapping Up 2014 In Gratitude

    Life is beautiful, terrible, multidimensional, astounding, and mystifying.  Each new moment a chance to begin again, to let go of an old pattern of being that no longer works, to create a new way of being, to make a new connection, or to see things in a different way.  To go deeper into the present moment, into whatever it is the present moment brings.  Each moment an opportunity to start where we are, to connect with our heart’s deepest desires; to practice self-love and compassion and then to love others; to be truly present for ourselves and then for those around us; to make conscious choices and to practice compassion and forgiveness when we move away from ourselves; and then to come back and start all over again.

    This is the stuff of life — ever changing moment to moment opportunities to come home again.

    Create what sets your heart on fire and it will illuminate the way ahead.  There have been so many wonderful moments in 2014 and having the gift of doing what I love – what sets my heart on fire and illuminates my path – I have taken it all in with much gratitude.

    I have a heart of gratitude for everyone who has been a part of my life in any way during this year’s dance and continual unfolding —  moving outward and then returning back home.  I remember sitting in front of my yoga classes looking out into the beautiful souls in front of me and feeling immense gratitude at being a part of their journey and for them being a part of mine.  I remember those touched by cancer and chronic illness that I have shared the journey of healing with.  As I  wrap up my second year of teaching at Whole Foods Market Johns Creek  I feel blessed and fortunate to be able to share the practice that I love so much in a setting such as this.  I have felt the healing effects in the depths of my soul each time I have sat down to write and each time I have practiced.

    I remember that this is the year that I completed my RYT500, led my first SUP board yoga class, dove deeper into Ayurveda (yoga’s sister science), took my yoga and meditation practice to a deeper place, and continued to let go of that which is no longer serving me or the greater good.  I remember the humbling experience of learning that Hope’s Yoga had been chosen as Reader’s Choice – Best of Atlanta by Atlanta Magazine, knowing that this came about because others experienced my passion,  believed in what I do, and took the time to vote on my behalf.  I feel excitement over what is to come in 2015 and I look forward to continuing the journey with so many and to beginning the journey with others. 

    May your path be illuminated by the fire in your heart.  May your journey into 2015 and beyond be full of love, light, and heart-felt moments of your choosing; and may you always in any moment be able to find your way home.

    Love and Light,


    About the Author

    _MG_7601Hope’s practice centers on sharing the joy of yoga and its healing qualities with students at all capabilities. She speaks to groups about the life-changing benefits of yoga and the importance of hope.  Her practice was chosen as one of the “Best of Atlanta 2014” by Atlanta Magazine. Learn more at www.hopesyoga.com.

    Hope Knosher, Certified Yoga Therapist-IAYT, E-RYT500 and Founder Hope’s Yoga.

    Overcoming breast cancer years ago, Hope turned to yoga to help her heal. After her practice lifted her mentally, physically, and emotionally she experienced a heartfelt calling to share the healing qualities of yoga with others.  Hope loves inspiring and empowering others to live a more joyful and connected life, reduce chronic stress, increase awareness, compassion, and mindfulness; while strengthening body and mind.

    Hope’s writing is featured by MindBodyGreen, Lucy Activewear, Mantra Magazine, Natural Awakenings, The Wellness Universe, as well as her own blog.

    Hope’s Yoga has been named Best Of Atlanta by Atlanta Magazine and Hope has been named one of Atlanta’s Over 40 and Fabulous by Best Self Magazine and Northside Woman Magazine.

    Connect with Hope at www.hopesyoga.com for more information including her full schedule, retreat calendar; or to schedule corporate or private classes and speaking engagements.

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