• The Habits That Finally Helped Me Find My Authentic Self

    The Habits That Finally Helped Me Find My Authentic Self

    My latest is up at mindbodygreen.  Here is a excerpt:

    “Do you ever find yourself wondering if there’s something more to life? I know that I did years ago as I completed treatment for breast cancer and then scant weeks later bid my mother farewell. I held her hand in mine and placed my other hand over her heart as it took its last beat.

    Life had given me many hurdles, and it seemed at the time that they were impassable. I wondered what the next step should be or even whether I wanted to take it.

    We all have our stories and our hurdles to cross. What I know is that if not for a commitment to a yoga practice at that time, my life would not have changed. Deep down, I knew there was more. But honestly, I had not touched that place deeply in a long time. I was disconnected from my body and soul and disenchanted with life.

    As I began to practice and to become truly present, I began to unravel. Sometimes it was small threads releasing and letting go. Sometimes it was vast and heavy cords being let go from my body. I had held on to so much over a lifetime, and it was time to let go. As the months went on and my practice progressed, so did the unraveling.”

    Read the rest of the story here.

    Hope Knosher, Certified Yoga Therapist-IAYT, E-RYT500 and Founder Hope’s Yoga.

    Overcoming breast cancer years ago, Hope turned to yoga to help her heal. After her practice lifted her mentally, physically, and emotionally she experienced a heartfelt calling to share the healing qualities of yoga with others.  Hope loves inspiring and empowering others to live a more joyful and connected life, reduce chronic stress, increase awareness, compassion, and mindfulness; while strengthening body and mind.

    Hope’s writing is featured by MindBodyGreen, Lucy Activewear, Mantra Magazine, Natural Awakenings, The Wellness Universe, as well as her own blog.

    Hope’s Yoga has been named Best Of Atlanta by Atlanta Magazine and Hope has been named one of Atlanta’s Over 40 and Fabulous by Best Self Magazine and Northside Woman Magazine.

    Connect with Hope at www.hopesyoga.com for more information including her full schedule, retreat calendar; or to schedule corporate or private classes and speaking engagements.

  • Posted by Maria Sam on September 21, 2016 at 11:58 am

    And yes, that is the real life you’ve passed. Without struggle; life is a worst thing. Thanks for sharing your life-story…


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