Video Testimonials

Meet Candice, a breast cancer survivor. Here she shares her journey with Hope and how yoga helped her recover her strength and zeal for life and improve her ability to cope with stress.

Meet Baker, a 17 year old competitive athlete. Here he shares his journey with yoga and how it helped him prepare for and heal after open heart surgery, improve his sport, and help him excel in everyday life.

Meet Sagdrina, an athlete and marathon runner who is also living with an auto-immune disease.Here she shares her journey with yoga and how it has helped her to transform her life, improve her health, and find balance.

Meet Julia, a very busy mother and student. Here she shares her journey with yoga and how it has helped her gain physical and mental strength and better cope with the stress and complexity of a busy life.

Kind words in writing.

Hope, you are your name in real.  Hope opens the door to everything.  So grateful to share my journey with you! — Denver


Dear Hope, Thank you for your sweetness, kindness, and support.  You are such a special inspiring human being.  Keep spreading your light. — Tovah

You have a beautiful presence and a full heart that touches all! — Sam

Hope is a wonderful Yoga teacher. Her classes are healing as well as invigorating. She challenges and encourages and inspires. Hope’s gentle confidence provides a nurturing environment in which to grow with Yoga. I always feel more serene and alive after Hope’s class and I learn something new. — John

The best part of my week is practicing yoga with Hope! I’m as thankful for her warmth and generous support as I am for her excellent instruction. I feel very lucky to have found her program and encourage others to try a class with her. — Leslie

Hope provides a comfortable environment where truly ANYONE can enjoy all the benefits from yoga. I not only look forward to the yoga itself but seeing Hope and everyone else in this very welcoming class. I have learned my body can do more than I thought with the help of such a caring and professional yoga instructor. One of the best things I have ever done. — Mary

This has been such a difficult year.  My husband and I have lost 5 family members this year including my father who passed away last week.  I have used yoga and focused breathing to help me make it through.  I miss being in class, but wanted you to know what a strong influence and comfort your meditative and healing approach to yoga have had on me.  I hope to be in class again soon. Thank you!  –Judith

Hope’s Yoga has provided me with the opportunity to begin a yoga practice in a comfortable, supportive and peaceful environment. Hope is patient and skilled with students at all levels. Her classes are just what I need to feel flexible, refreshed, and ready to take on whatever the week deals out to me. 🙂 — Nancy

When I first began yoga, I had been recommended for spinal surgery. I have a herniated disk in the cervical spine which caused a great deal of inflammation and pain. I had been on medications to treat the inflammation and pain for the two years prior and had just completed my third round of physical therapy. I did not want to have surgery, and I did not want to continue taking medications daily just to be able to manage my pain.

In addition to that, I wasn’t sleeping well and had been diagnosed with high blood pressure due to stress two years earlier. The onset of high blood pressure was a bit of a surprise to me as I eat healthy and have always had low to normal blood pressure. Generally, I was not in a “peaceful” place in my life, which I felt I needed to remedy. A dear friend of mine had been going to a yoga class and suggested that I give it a try simply to help me regain a more restful sleep. This was truly my motivation for starting yoga. Sleep. Good sleep! I decided that it could not hurt, and began what would become a most sincere and dedicated practice of yoga.

My intention for my yoga practice was to heal. I needed healing in my physical body, and in my life. I felt so much stress in the day to day activities of marriage and family, both of which I live for. It has been about 7 months since I began yoga, and I would like to share with you the benefits yoga has had on my life and health. In just the first few weeks, I immediately began to feel more connected and present in my life. I learned how to breathe. Really breathe. I began to feel physically stronger within two weeks. My pain from the cervical disk slowly began to subside; I found that I could manage the pain with yoga practice and without any kind of medications. After 6 months, my blood pressure is low again. I am peaceful and continue to grow spiritually.

To my dear friend and yoga instructor Hope, thank you for helping me change my life and the direction my health was going. Namaste!

I have been practicing yoga for a year now with Hope at Hope’s Yoga. I started out of a desire to gain strength and flexibility. I had no clue of the deep and far-reaching benefits that I would encounter along the way. I am finishing up a degree in Psychology and Crisis Management, specializing in the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). As I was experiencing the mental, emotional, and physiological benefits of yoga, I was also encountering numerous scientific research studies on the healing power of Hatha yoga and mindfulness based therapies. The timing and approach could not have been better for me. I was skeptical and ignorant about yoga, as many are. But, the evidence for its power, not only to strengthen the body, but to heal the body and mind are undisputed. The practice of yoga has the power to recalibrate the physiological processes of the brain and significantly help people with PTSD, depression, and other anxiety disorders. However, the benefits are immeasurable and everyone should try it! Hope is a gifted teacher and educator. She facilitates much more than mere exercise…. She facilitates healing and HOPE. –Julia

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Testimonials from attendees of Hope’s Retreats:

The retreat with Hope was incredible.  A gift that I gave myself.  I came away from the retreat with energy and renewed purpose.  I would come back many times! –Becky

Hope’s yoga and meditation retreat weekend was exactly what I needed.  Our time was well balanced and in a gorgeous setting!  I feel renewed and rejuvenated. –Kim

I learned how to and the importance of being able to meditate, being able to mindfully meditate to rejuvenate my spirit. –Pat

I came to the retreat full of curiosity and left with fulfillment and purpose!–Nancy

The retreat provided me time for introspection and helped me realize where I am holding on to negatives and gave me skills to bring more openness, growth, and joy into my life on a daily basis. –S. Wolf

I have recently returned from attending the “Mindfulness and Yoga” retreat that Hope orchestrated.   Every “I” was dotted and every” T “was crossed but with a flow of kindness and compassion that made it seem very natural. It was a wonderful experience.  It provided an opportunity for me to stop and be grateful of each moment.  The setting in nature was breathtaking – the foothills of the Appalachian Trail.  The menus were everyone exceptional – aromatic, presented beautifully and tasted delicious. The rooms were crisp and fresh and decorated with elegance. I enjoyed all the meditation time.  The opportunity to be still and quiet is truly a gift. I noticed after having done yoga for 3 days in a row, I felt like I was standing taller and had released stress and toxins my body had been storing. Hope is one of the kindest, most compassionate and wise individuals I have ever met.  I look forward to her next retreat!
In Gratefulness –Marcy