• A Gentle Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) Series

    A Gentle Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) Series

    This Sun Salutation series builds strength and flexibility. A single round consists of two complete sequences – one for each side (right and left).  Coordinate each movement with the breath.  On the days when you don’t have time for a full practice do at least three rounds of this Sun Salutation series to loosen up the body and calm the mind. This is a wonderful way to awaken your body in the morning or to re-energize during the day.  You will really feel the difference!

    Start in Tadasana or Mountain Pose and on an inhale sweep your arms up over your head.

    Sun Salutation, Mountain Pose - Alpharetta Yoga Studio

    As you exhale, bend forward, bending the knees as much as needed to keep from creating too much stress in the back of the legs.  Release your head and kneck.  Let your arms dangle or rest at your feet.

    Sun Salutation - Alpharetta Yoga Studio

    On the next inhale, lengthen through the crown of the head reaching the heart forward as you come up to a flat back.

    Sun Salutation - Johns Creek Yoga Studio

    On the Exhale fold forward.

    Sun Salutation - Hope Knosher Private Yoga Instructor

    As you inhale, placing the hands on either side of your feet, gently step the left foot back keeping your front knee over your ankle.

    Sun Salutation - Alpharetta Yoga Instructor

    As you exhale press your hips back straightening the front leg any amount and then reach the heart forward over the front leg and let the head be heavy.

    Sun Salutation - Johns Creek Yoga Instructor

    Inhale drawing the front knee over the ankle once again and find length through the back heal and the crown of the head.

    Sun Salutation - Alpharetta Private Yoga Lessons

    On the next exhale step the left foot forward for forward fold.

    Sun Salutation - Alpharetta Yoga Classes

    Repeat the series on the other side and when complete roll up slowly as you inhale rising all the way up.  Repeat three or more complete series.  Then come down on the mat laying on your back, feet slightly apart, arms at your sides with palms facing up.  Close your eyes and take several deep breaths allowing the body to soften.

    Sun Salutation - Johns Creek Yoga Classes

    Rise up slowly when complete and notice the difference this short, gentle, Sun Salutation series has made in the way you feel, your energy level, and your focus.

    Enjoy your day!

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    Hope Knosher, Certified Yoga Therapist-IAYT, E-RYT500 and Founder Hope’s Yoga.

    Overcoming breast cancer years ago, Hope turned to yoga to help her heal. After her practice lifted her mentally, physically, and emotionally she experienced a heartfelt calling to share the healing qualities of yoga with others.  Hope loves inspiring and empowering others to live a more joyful and connected life, reduce chronic stress, increase awareness, compassion, and mindfulness; while strengthening body and mind.

    Hope’s writing is featured by MindBodyGreen, Lucy Activewear, Mantra Magazine, Natural Awakenings, The Wellness Universe, as well as her own blog.

    Hope’s Yoga has been named Best Of Atlanta by Atlanta Magazine and Hope has been named one of Atlanta’s Over 40 and Fabulous by Best Self Magazine and Northside Woman Magazine.

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