Look to the Horizon with Hope – Reconnecting Body, Mind and Spirit

The benefits of yoga have been studied in numerous populations including cancer patients and survivors and people with chronic illness. There have been many positive outcomes from these studies, including lowered stress levels, better quality sleep, lowered levels of anxiety and depression, and overall quality of life.

There are many aspects of yoga practice that can support those dealing with physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges that accompany a serious illness. Practicing postures helps restore and strengthen physical functioning while breathing exercises help to relax the body and still the mind. Meditation enables individuals to better connect with their spiritual selves while reversing the negative effects of stress.

ff-440x267Hope teaches an adaptive yoga practice that uses awareness, breath, movement, and relaxation to create an opportunity for repair and rejuvenation so that all systems in the body can come into balance. Classes start with relaxation, and continue with a check-in and sharing, giving group members a chance to connect with others. This connection, community, and relationship is an important part of our time together and to the overall healing process. We move into breathing practices and into a gentle asana practice, ending with relaxation and sometimes creative visualization. There is an educational component each week as well, helping the participants to better understand the different aspects of yoga.

Managing one’s illness can be a difficult, demanding task. Recovering and moving on after illness can present unique challenges. Even with consistent support from family and friends, each day can be a struggle. Yoga can give those who practice a moment of ease, of joy, and of well-being allowing the energy inside of us to grow, to heal and to bring us back to a place of wholeness, of peace.

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